Dredging of the Jegrička River

The ECOWAM project encompasses dredging of the Jegrička river, in other words, the removal of harmful vegetation and dredging of the polluted sludge in the section of Jegrička 44 + 015km-46 + 673km and 29 + 588km-37 + 892km.

The actions of dredging and vegetation removal from the Jegrička watercourse on the designated sections started on 1st October 1 2018.

Pursuant to the decision of Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province on conditions of nature conservation against actions in the period from 15th February to 20th July, dredging works were suspended on 31st January 2019, when the complete dredging by amphibious machines at the first section was finished, which was the subject of the project. The works restarted on 22nd July 2019 when the dredging was carried out at the second section.

The final phase included the works on spreading and fine planning of dredged material after water drainage in the canal bank area, in order to create the inspection path that would enable further canal maintenance.

The works were completed on 2nd September 2019. The total of 11 km of the canal was dredged, where the removal of invasive plant species was executed on 65,ooo m2, and over 280,000 m3 of sludge was removed.

Amphibia – multifunctional machine with additional tools

Within the ECOWAM project, a multifunctional amphibious machine was acquired for continuous maintenance of the dredged section, as well as other parts of the Jegrička watercourse during and after the project.

TRUXOR 5045 Amphibious machine with attachments:

  • aquatic weed harvester with knives
  • standard rake with foldable sides and filter grids for plant collection and transfer after cutting
  • excavator hand with tools for digging and stabiliser support
  • spoon
  • double-sided vegetation cutting knife

A training course for machine operators was carried out at the Jegrička Info-centre.

The Amphibia machine was used in October 2019 on the occasion of vegetation removal at the Info-centre on the 30th kilometre of the Jegrička Canal.

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