Dredging of the Kurca main channel

The planned dredging works took place on the Kurca main channel at the 4+847-9+997 km section as the continuation of the previous IPA project – eWAM. The plan involved the removal of harmful sedimentations and the regulation of the channel bed on a further 5.150 linear meter section. During the intervention, there was no bed extension, the main goal was to restore the original water permit conditions. Only single-side dredging was planned due to nature conservation regulations.

The planned dredging took place on the right bank, remaining within one’s own territory. On the affected right side of the channel it was necessary to form a dredging platform, which included bush clearing, felling and reed clearing.

While scheduling the implementation it was important to take into account that it had to be done during low water levels and outside the vegetation period. The affected area is protected by NATURA 2000 which meant further temporal limitation.

About 32.900 m3 of sedimentation/sludge had to be removed. The sludge had to be placed behind the tailings dam partially extracted from coastal slope and local material.

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