Works on the inspection and walking path on the Jegrička riverbank

Construction of the inspection-walking path along the Jegrička bank

The construction of the inspection-walking path, about 1.5km long, at the right bank of the Jegrička river was planned by the ECOWAM project where the dredging works were carried out within the this project.

The works commenced in September 2019.

After establishing the route, the vegetation removal was carried out.

The next step of path construction was the digging, flattening, and fine planning of the underlayer which includes the excavation of soil material of 35 cm layer.

Sand acquisition, transport and loading into the drainage layer of the path was carried out. This phase included acquisition, delivery, unloading of sand at the construction site, as well as loading a 20 cm layer with manual tamping of the material into the path.

The following phase included acquisition, delivery and unloading of the 0-31.5 mm stone fraction at the construction site into the drainage layer of the path, along with flattening and tamping a 10 cm layer by vibro tamper.

The acquisition and transport of woodwork – 10-12 cm diameter logs and wedges – was carried out for the purpose of path curb construction. The woodwork was impregnated.

The works were executed within deadline, by 11th October 2019.

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